About the UP-CEMS project

The goal is to develop a Ultra-Portable CEMS system. The primary application is for ships to verify adherence to IMO MARPOL Sulphur CAP 2020 and future Emission Control Areas (ECAs) designated under IMO MARPOL for SO2, NOx, CO2, CH4 etc.

Current CEMSs are characterized by being complex and large laboratory like equipment, where measures are taken to fit these into an environment they were not designed for. When used in an environment with vibrations, high temperatures and dirt this causes measurement uncertainty and requires specialist knowledge in operation and maintenance, hence increasing the risk of down time and possible non-compliance to the emission regulations.

The above complexity is eliminated by using maintenance free PAS sensors and flue gas sample system forming a user-friendly “Plug & Play” system, which is self-calibrating and IoT prepared to make data accessible through customer’s data collection system and/or cloud-based storage. 

The system is: 

  • Autonomous and self-calibrating with no or a minimum of interaction from on-board crew.
  •  Has a local Graphical User Interface (GUI) via smartphone, tablet or local PC when connection to the same LAN.
  • Has IoT interface enabling customers and authorities to verify compliance via a cloud server.
  • Has connection to Instrumatic service centers to verify system parameters for correct operation, and to plan the logistics when system need to be swapped with a serviced replacement UP-CEMS.

The UP-CEMS will ensure accurate emission measurement and thus inform operators if they are in compliance.
The system is cost efficient, easy to use, undergo regular self-calibration, and has tamper proof monitoring. The system has no requirement for regular maintenance and our target is a service interval of more than 1 year. 

The system is easily exchangeable by the on-board crew without the need of specialists.