Continuous emission monitoring systems

Made Ultra portable

UP-CEMS is a Eureka Eurostars 2 project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark and Latvian Council of Science.

The participants in the project is Instrumatic EMI A/S, Danish Fundamental Metrology A/S, Inpass SIA and Liepajas University. 


What we want to achieve with the project

Our goal is to develop an Ultra-Portable Continuous Emission Monitoring System for measuring SOx, NOx, CO2, CH4 and other pollutants with focus on emission measurements from ships.

The system is autonomous and self-contained.

Collected data is available both locally and cloud based. The combination of photoacustic spectroscopy sensors (PAS) and sample dilution will result in a user friendly, robust, compact and cost efficient system compared with those currently on the market.

Why we want to achieve it

The EU aims for 50% emission reduction from ships by 2050.

Existing CEMS systems are stationary, heavy, complex laboratory type instruments, requiring in depth knowledge in system maintenance.

A portable true CEMS system is not available on the marked today. UP-CEMS is disruptive due to the simple way emission monitoring is done by using PAS technology in combination with dilution probe sampling, which will significantly reduce product life-cycle cost (product, operation, calibration and service) in continuous emission monitoring.